• The Trigger Pouch has two patents in the USA (US 8523030 US 8651347) and around the globe.
  • The Trigger Pouch was under development for 3 years with the full co-operation of the Israeli special ops unit YAMMAM.
  • The Trigger Pouch provides safe and quick action for all types of grenades for the operative in the field (carrying and deploying).
  • The Trigger Pouch provides the operative with a significant advantage in comparison to a traditional pouch, allowing the operative to deploy and through the grenade in a quick and safe manner when required.
  • Fragmentation grenades often have different locking systems, which take precious seconds to remove.
  • When in battle, there is little or no time to extract a fragmentation grenade, let alone to release all the locks. Soldiers have on occasion thrown grenades that they have deployed, without removing all the safety locks.
  • The Pouch has several safety mechanisms some of which are parallel to the safety systems that are on the fragmentation grenades.

Documents & Standards

  • The Trigger Pouch was development with and is manufactured for us by “Aran Research, development & Prototypes ltd”.
  • The Trigger Pouch id made of a composite of plastics made by Polyram.
  • The Trigger Pouch has springs manufactured by Nordia Springs.
  • The IDF is carrying out a technical experiment for the following standards:
    • ASTM D256 – ISO180,
    • ASTM D638 – ISO527,
    • ASTM D570 – ISO62,
    • ASTM D792 – ISO1183 – MIL-STD810G


The Grenade Trigger Pouch Diagram
The Trigger Pouch for the M67
The Grenade Trigger Pouch Diagram
The Trigger Pouch for the Nico Flash Bang


  • All components of the Trigger Pouch are manufactured in Israel by factories with international Standards.
  • The Raw material for the Trigger Pouch is ROHS Plustik by Polyram & has a compliant UV stabilized additive, UL-94 level HB (this is the same material used to manufacture the Tavor rifels).
  • Springs are stainless steel and coated for anti rust CDP black 8-50 (coating ACC wabco JED 232.5) and are durable to the following temperatures 22-158 f, and are UV UV stabilized additive.
Model Weight Measurements Material
Flashbang Nico by Rheinmeta 113 grams 134X69X63 PA 6 +30% GF (Nylon 6 + 30% glass fibers)

  • 7290 M by CTS
  • MK 13 by Rheinmetal
  • Low Roll II Safariland
130 grams 161X69X67 PA 6 +30% GF (Nylon 6 + 30% glass fibers)
Frag straight back M26 and M67 145 grams 128x84x83 PA 6 +30% GF (Nylon 6 + 30% glass fibers)
Frag ergonomic /angled back M26 and M67 142 grams 128x90x83 PA 6 +30% GF (Nylon 6 + 30% glass fibers)

Operational Directions

The Trigger Pouch provides many advantages in comparison to a tradition pouch:

  • Cuts the extraction time of a grenade by six.
  • Deployment of the grenade (being able to extract the grenade) in a safe and quick manner without wasting precious time.
  • The Trigger Pouch allows the operative to extract a grenade in a one hand action, while keeping eyes on the target and one hand on the operatives’ weapon (a traditional pouch requires a two-handed action).
  • Left & Right-handed action.
  • Continuous eye contact with target (with a conventional pouch the operative will most times need to look at what he is doing).
  • Quick deployment/extraction with gloved hands and without the need to look.
  • Safer than traditional pouches.